See also: Add New Products - Edit Existing Products


The Product Edit window provides a number of fields that you may optionally store data in. The only required field on this window is the Description field. However, you will want to fill in other fields like price, and stock if applicable.

the Product Edit window

First, let us look at the Command List bar.

SaveWhenever you edit or add a product you want to be sure to save your changes!
DeleteDeleting a product totally removes the product record from the database. This does not affect previously created invoices.
Sync CostBy default, the product cost of an invoice item is set to the cost value of that product when you create an invoice, and the total cost of the invoice is calculated based on that cost. However, you can use this button to update all invoice items related to the product and to set their cost value to the product's current cost.
CategoryThis button displays the Product Category window where you can add, edit, and delete product categories.
ReportThis button displays the Reports window where you can create new reports.
RefreshReload data from the database. This command is used basically in a network environment where multiple users open the same database. You can use this button to refresh data modified by other uses.


Below is a description of some important fields on the Product Edit window.

Field NameDescription
CategoryThe category field helps you organize products. Click the Product Category button on the Command List bar to manage categories.
Product IDThe ID value uniquely identifies a product. This value is generated automatically if left blank.
DescriptionThe product's description is the only required information you must enter. It is a free-form text field.
StatusPotential values are Active and Inactive. Only active products will be displayed when you click the Select Product icon button on the Invoice worksheet.
Is a serviceCheck this box If you do not maintain a physical inventory for the product.