Invoice Template Category

Our invoice templates are simple Excel spreadsheets. There is no password protection, no trial period, and no registration required. Simply download and begin using it!

You can use a template on its own to create invoices or in conjunction with our invoicing app. The templates are classified according to their form layouts and business purposes.


The templates that contain a Shipping Address section.


Invoice forms for hours and rates, projects, freelaners etc.


Service invoicing formats built for consultants.


Pro forma invoice forms designed for international trade.


Download your favorite receipt template here.


Export items across international borders.


Ready-to-use Quote Templates.


Forms that contain more than one printable pages.


Special templates created from the default invoice sample.


Our templates are professionally designed. The printable forms display various levels of transaction details, ranging from one column to more than nine columns, and are appropriate for a variety of industries and business types. Browsing by the number of columns is another quick way to find your desired form layout.


The Excel files offer blank forms that help you create professional invoices, estimates, and quotations. Since they are Excel files without password protection, you can easily further customize them, such as by adding your brand logo and applying your business colors. The result is usually even better than in many expensive accounting systems.

To get more from a template, you can install Invoice Manager, our invoicing app that works with the templates, which turns the simple templates into powerful invoicing systems. The tutorial demonstrates all the steps involved, from creating invoices to emailing PDF copies to your clients. If you create several invoices each month, give it a try!

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How do I unprotect the invoice sheet?

To protect the formulas, the Invoice worksheets are usually protected. To unprotect it, go to the Review ribbon tab and click Unprotect Sheet in the Protect command group. Once you've made modifications, it is highly recommended to protect the sheet again to prevent overwriting the formulas accidentally. To do this, click the Protect Sheet command.

How do I add my logo image and enter business information?

Most templates have a default logo image. If you have Invoice Manager installed, you can replace it with your own logo by simply clicking the Replace Logo Image command on the ribbon. If you don't have Invoice Manager, follow the steps below:

  1. Unprotect the sheet.
  2. Click and select the default logo image (if any).
  3. Hit the Del key on your keyboard to delete it.
  4. Go to Excel's Insert ribbon tab.
  5. Click Pictures, Place over Cells, This Device, and then browse to and insert your own logo image.
  6. To resize the logo image, hover your mouse over the "Resize point" (small circles) on the border of the image and then drag it.
  7. You can also move the logo image by simply dragging and dropping.

To enter your business information, if you have Invoice Manager installed, simply push down the Design Mode button on the ribbon tab and then enter your business information. If you don't have Invoice Manager installed, first unprotect the sheet, and then type in your business information.

How do I use your invoice templates?

Our simple templates are pure Excel files that you can use for free. It is easy to use our templates. No registration is required; there are no trial limitations.

  • Find the template that meets your requirements. You can search for template numbers or titles or browse by categories or the number of columns.
  • Open the detail page of the template.
  • Download the template. It is packaged as a self-extracting zip file.
  • Double-click the file you downloaded to extract it to a folder where you have full access permissions, such as a subfolder in "My Documents", or simply Windows Desktop. To share it between computers or users, you can save it to an online store like OneDrive.
  • There are two Excel files in each package. One is the standard invoice template that contains the command buttons on the sheets. Invoice Manager for Excel works with this format. Another file is a simplified version with all the buttons removed from the sheet, which works with the lite edition of our invoicing app. Both files have the same form layout, so you can use anyone.
  • Open the template. Most of our templates are in Excel ".xlsx" format, but some of them contain macros to demonstrate how you can use macros (".xlsm") to further customize a template. For example, this template shows how to convert an invoiced total in numeric form to English words using a macro.
  • Unprotect the sheet and edit it with your business information, such as business name, address, contact information, tax# (VAT#), etc.
  • Add your own brand logo (optional).
  • It is highly recommended to protect the sheet again once you have finished customizing the template. This prevents accidental overwriting of the formulas. If multiple users will use the template, consider protecting it with a password. This way, only the user who knows the password can update the form layout and formulas.
  • Enjoy the template!

Alternatively, you can also upload a template to an online spreadsheet system, such as Microsoft 365 or Google Docs. This creates an online invoice generator. If you prefer, there are free resources for you to choose from. Here is a tutorial: Steps for creating an online invoice generator with free tools.

What are the benefits of Excel invoice templates?

There are many invoice templates available online in various formats such as Word, PDF, HTML, and even Photoshop, but Excel spreadsheets are the most commonly used. Businesses can benefit from using an Excel invoice template in a variety of ways.

  • Cost-effective. There are many free or affordable templates. Excel itself offers free built-in templates and a wide range of downloadable template options online, often at no cost or for a reasonable fee. Here on, we offer 400+ free templates.
  • Eliminate the need to create invoices from scratch. It can help streamline the invoicing process with the pre-formatted layout.
  • Improve the professional and polished appearance of invoices and quotations by providing a pre-designed document that looks professional and is easy to read.
  • Quick data entry reduces errors in invoicing by providing a structured format with predefined fields.
  • Maintain consistency in invoicing by providing a uniform and ready-made format for all invoices.
  • Improve record-keeping by providing a digital record of all invoices that can be easily accessed and searched.
  • Automated calculations with built-in formulas. Excel's powerful formulas ensure accurate calculations of subtotals, taxes, discounts, and total amounts.
  • Flexibility to personalize. Whether you’re in construction, a fashion designer, love red, or want to show your patriotism, you can edit an existing template easily with Excel's built-in tools.

In summary, if you create only several invoices a month, Excel invoice templates are a good choice. This is especially true if you already have Microsoft 365 (or Excel) or have a limited budget for invoicing.

How do I generate PDF invoices?

Invoice Manager allows you to generate PDF invoices and email them to clients with one click of the Extract/Email button.

You can still generate PDF invoices without Invoice Manager. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Fill in your invoice data as usual.
  2. Click Excel menu File, and then Print.
  3. Choose the printer "Microsoft Print to PDF". This is a virtual printer.
  4. Click Print, and then enter the file name of your PDF invoices.