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  App Name Description Purchase Home Page Download Version
Gantt Chart Maker Gantt Chart Maker Generate beautiful Gantt charts and make project plans from task lists in Excel. 1.14
PDF Creator for Excel PDF Creator for Excel Create accurate PDF charts and diagrams from Excel without scaling the content. 1.12
Mind Map Maker Mind Map Maker Create mind maps and organization charts automatically from node lists in Excel. 1.11
Formula and Name Manager for Excel Formula and Name Manager for Excel Collect, find, update, analyze, import, and export Excel formulas and defined names. 4.17
How do I subscribe or purchase?

Your order will be processed by Microsoft Commercial Marketplace (AppSource).

Our apps all come with a one-month, fully functional trial period. If you cancel your subscription before the end of the trial period, there will be no actual charge.

1 Click the “Purchase” link in the table. This leads you to the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace (AppSource).
2 Follow the instructions in the store to place your order.
3 Once your order is placed, you’ll be redirected to this web site (subscription portal, or landing page). Confirm and activate your subscription.

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How do I assign licenses to end-users?
1 If you purchase one license and the account (identified by the email address) that placed the order is the end-user, you don’t have to assign licenses manually.
2 If you purchase multiple licenses and the end-users who will use the app have the same Microsoft Entra ID (i.e., are in the same Azure Active Directory or have the same tenant ID), you can rely on the “First Come, First Served” feature, which is enabled by default.
When a new end-user within your organization runs the app, a new license is assigned automatically if the number of purchased licenses has not been reached.
3 If you want to assign licenses to end-user accounts manually:
3.1 Click “Subscriptions” on the menu bar.
3.1 Click one of the "Update" links in the “License Assignment” column.

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How do I download and use an app?
1 Download the setup file by clicking the “Download” link in the table.
2 Run the setup program to install it.
3 Run the app at least once to give it a chance to configure your Excel.
4 If Windows is signed in with an account that already has a license assigned to it, the app is licensed. If not, go to the “Purchase/Support” tab of the main app and click “Change Account”.
5 Start Microsoft Excel to use the app.

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