The core of an invoicing system powered by Invoice Manager for Excel is an add-in program that runs inside Microsoft Excel. On the front-end, you see and work with an Excel-formatted invoice template with many buttons on the task pane and ribbon, like "Customers", "Products", and "Invoices". The add-in program connects the invoice template with a backend database for storing and organizing data.

Invoice Manager for Excel architecture

With this architecture you benefit from both two mature technologies.

  • The Excel-formatted invoice template gives you an intuitive invoice form to work with. It's easy to create an invoice even you are new to any invoicing program.
  • The backend database gives you a central and organized way for storing large amount of data. Invoice Manager for Excel uses mature and public database format, including Microsoft Access and SQL Server. We don't use private database formats and don't hide your data from your eye. You have full control on your data.
  • The add-in program runs inside Excel, leveraging the power of Excel spreadsheets and backend database.

All the powerful Microsoft Excel tools are all available to you for further customizing the invoice template.

You may have very special requirements about the invoices you create. Invoice Manager for Excel allows you to use your familiar Excel tools to adjust fonts, colors, borders, patterns, and even formulas to do calculations and create relationship between cells/fields.

If you prefer to put a field on another location, or don't need it at all, you can do this by simply dragging and dropping it.

If you need new fields to further detail the goods and services you provide, use custom files.