Remove Passwords and Unlock Excel Files in 5 steps

1Download and install this app.
2Run Password Remover for Excel.
3Click "Select File" to open the locked file.
4Click "Remove Sheet Protection Password", "Remove Workbook Structure Password" and/or "Remove VBA Project Password".
5Enjoy your unlocked Excel file!

Note: This program does not crack file-open passwords for Excel files.

Password Remover main screen

What Is Sheet Protection Password

This is the password you set by clicking the "Protect Sheet" command on the "Review" ribbon tab in Excel.

If this password is lost, the protected sheet will likely not be editable.

Remove sheet protection password

What Is Workbook Structure Password

This is the password you set by clicking the "Protect Workbook" command on Excel "Review" ribbon tab.

If this password is lost, you will not be able to modify the workbook structure, such as adding new sheets.

Remove workbook structure password

What Is VBA Project Password

This is the password you set in the VBA Project Properties window.

If this password is lost, the VBA project is locked and unviewable.

NOTE: This app removes the passwords set using the project properties window. It does not crack or break VBA projects protected by or encrypted by third-party software.

Remove VBA Project password


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