A payment is not editable if the invoice has been voided or paid. It is editable only if the invoice is still pending. For a voided payment, only its Notes field is editable. Follow these steps to edit a payment:

  1. Click and select the Invoice worksheet if it isn't already selected.
  2. Click the Invoices button on the Invoice worksheet to open the Invoices data list window.

    The Invoices data list

  3. Browse to the invoice for which you want to add/Edit a payment. You can use the search bar to find the invoice quickly.
  4. Double click the invoice record in the data list to open the Invoice Edit window.

    The Invoice Edit window

  5. Click and activate the Payments tab. This will display a list of payments which have been posted for the current invoice.
  6. Double click the payment you want to edit.

    The Payment Edit window

  7. Make changes as needed, then click the Save button to save the payment.

The Payment Detail section contains an even more detailed explanation of the Payment Edit window.