Starting with version 8.11, you can easily email customer statement and account aging report.


  • The customer's email address field has been correctly filled.
  • The email settings are correctly filled. To set the options, click the "Settings" button on the "Invoice" ribbon tab, and then click the "Extract/Email" tab.

Email statement and aging report to customer (the Reports window)

To email reports to customer:

  • Open the "Reports" window by clicking the "Reports" button on the "Invoice" ribbon, or click the "New Report" button on one of the report worksheets.
  • Make sure the "Customer Statement" tab or the "Aging" tab is active.
  • Check "Email PDF report to customer" option is checked.
  • Select the customers that you want to send reports to.
  • Click "Generate Report".
  • If there are multiple reports generated / sent, a log file will be shown once the operation is finished.