What is the PDF Creator for Excel

It is an Excel add-in app that allows you to easily convert diagrams and ranges of cells into PDF format.

The underlying PDF generation work is still done by "Microsoft Print to PDF". What the app does is define a custom paper size before sending the work to the printer.

The main app window

Why do you need it

It’s easy to convert an Excel diagram to a PDF file. If you do this frequently, you may already notice that when a large diagram is scaled down to meet a predefined paper size, distortions occur.

PDF Creator for Excel avoids distortions by defining the custom paper size according to the size of the diagram.

See why scaling is bad?

How do you use it

  • Download and install the app from our subscription portal.
  • Run the main app, "PDF Maker for Excel", at least once. You’ll need to subscribe to it to begin the free trial. The app installs the add-in for Excel automatically.
  • Start Excel and open any file.
  • Go to the "UniformSoftware" (or "BoostExcel") ribbon tab.
  • Click "Create PDF".

Screenshot 1

Click "Create PDF" on the "UniformSoftware" (or "BoostExcel") ribbon tab to start creating PDFs.

Excel ribbon and the 'Create PDF' command window

Screenshot 2

Change the installation location of the ribbon command. Install or reinstall the printer drivers for Microsoft Print to PDF and Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

The settings window

PDF sample 1

A flowchart created by our Flowchart Maker. The PDF maker always avoids scaling as much as possible. See why scaling is bad.

Page size: 18.73 x 10.23 inch.

Download Flowchart Sample (PDF).

Flow chart in PDF format

PDF sample 2

A Gantt chart. The PDF generator always defines a custom paper size according to the size of the content.

Page size: 35.82 x 12.84 inch.

Download Gantt Chart Sample (PDF).

Gantt chart in PDF format

Download & subscribe

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