See also: Add New Customers - Edit Existing Customers


The Customer Edit window provides a number of fields where you may store additional data in, if you so desire. The only required field on this window is the Name field, which can be either a person's name or a company name. The customer ID field is filled in automatically if you do not manually key one in.

Customer Edit window

Here is a description of the command buttons on the command list bar.

SaveAfter editing a customer's record you need to save your changes! Click this button to save your changes to the database.
DeleteDeleting a customer totally removes the customer record from the database. This doesn't affect previously created invoices.
Shipping addressThis button opens a new data list window and displays all shipping addresses belonging to the current customer. You can use this button to create multiple shipping addresses for one customer. When creating new invoices, you can use the Select Shipping Address icon button (the magnifier icon) near the Ship To label to select a shipping address.
CategoryThis button opens a data list window where you can add, edit or delete customer categories.
EmailIf you have an email client (like Outlook Express), it will open and compose a new message to the address listed in the Email field.
New InvoiceThis button will create a new invoice for the current customer, filling in all information available automatically.
History InvoiceThis button lists all invoices created for the current customer in a data list window.
PaymentThis button allows you to add a new payment for the current customer's pending invoices.
StatementCreates a new Customer Statement report.
RefreshReload data from the database. This command is used basically in a network environment where multiple users open the same database. You can use this button to refresh data modified by other uses.


Below is a description of some important fields on the Customer Edit window.

Field NameDescription
IDThe ID value uniquely identifies a customer. This value is generated automatically if left blank.
NameRequired. This is a free form text field indicating the name of the customer. This can be a company name, a personal name or any combination thereof.
CategoryThe category field helps you organize customers. Click the Customer Category button on the Command List bar to manage categories.
Account BalanceThis is the total balance due for all outstanding invoices for this particular customer.
Updated DateThis field is updated to the current date whenever the account balance is changed.
StatusPotential values are Active, Inactive and Terminated. Only active customers will be displayed when you click the Select Customer icon button on the Invoice worksheet.