Free Excel Invoice Templates

  • Over 400 professional form designs.
  • 12 categories.
  • From one column to sixteen columns.
  • There is no password protection, trial period, or registration. Simply download and use.

Invoice Templates

Invoice Manager for Excel

  • Convert a simple Excel invoice template into a powerful invoicing application.
  • Automated invoice numbering.
  • Send invoices via email.
  • Create PDF invoices.
  • Simply click to retrieve existing invoices, customers, and products.
  • Over 400 customizable template layouts.

Invoice Manager

PDF Maker for Excel

  • Create a PDF file for the selected range, chart, or sheet.
  • Avoid scaling to accurately position shapes.
  • Up to 200-inch by 200-inch paper sizes.

PDF Maker

Date Picker for Excel

  • When you click on a date cell, a clickable calendar will appear.
  • Show several months.
  • Show the week's numbers.
  • There will be no more confusion about date formats.

Date Picker

Mind Map Maker for Excel

  • Make mind maps and organizational charts from a hierarchical list.
  • WBS numbering system.
  • Parent-child relationships.
  • Move nodes and subtrees with ease.
  • Customizable mind map template.
  • Simple node-type picker.
  • Export the chart to PDF format.

Mind Map Maker

Flowchart Maker for Excel

  • Create a fully editable flow diagram from a process list.
  • Automated layout algorithm.
  • Place the chart sheet and data sheet side by side.
  • Intuitive shape selector.
  • Reposition all labels with a single click.
  • Editable flowchart templates.

Flowchart Maker

Gantt Chart Maker for Excel

  • Create beautiful Gantt charts and project plans from your task list.
  • Gantt chart templates that are editable in Excel.
  • Resource management.
  • Flexible timeline.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly views.
  • Simple multiple-month date picker.

Gantt Chart Maker

Formula Manager for Excel

  • Excel formula and name manager with advanced capabilities.
  • Easily change the name scope from workbook-wide to sheet-wide, or vice versa.
  • Update names and formulas in a batch.
  • Import and export names and formulas.

Formula Manager

Password Remover for Excel

  • Remove the sheet protection password.
  • Remove the workbook structure password.
  • Remove the VBA project password.

Password Remover


Are your templates free?


Our templates are suitable for invoices, quotations, and receipts. They're all free of charge and will always be.

You can download and use any of them without having to create an account or provide us with credit card information.

Do you offer an online invoice generator?

Our templates can be downloaded as ".xlsx" or ".xlsm" files. They are by default for use with Microsoft 365's desktop edition (Excel).

However, you can easily convert an Excel form into an online invoice creator using freely available resources. Check out the detailed tutorial at Make Your Own Free Online Invoice Generator.

What is an Excel add-in?

An Excel add-in is a software component that adds new functionality to Microsoft Excel.

Excel add-ins can be used within a workbook to interact with Excel objects, read and write Excel data, extend functionality using the task pane or content pane, add custom ribbon buttons or contextual menu items, define custom functions, and provide richer interaction via the dialog window.

It's like adding new tools to your Excel toolbox, unlocking new possibilities, and streamlining tasks. Think of it as a way to adapt Excel to your specific requirements and workflow.

What are the types of Excel add-ins?

The latest version of Excel in Microsoft 365 supports three types of add-ins.

Run Excel, and then go to the Developers ribbon tab. In the Add-Ins ribbon group, you can find the three types of add-ins.

  • Add-ins: They are web-based Office add-ins. The add-ins command enables you to install this type of add-in from Microsoft AppSource. Since they are web applications that interact with Excel's object models, these types of add-ins offer cross-platform compatibility and web-based features.
  • Excel Add-ins: Expose functions that can be directly called from Excel formulas, enhancing calculation capabilities.
  • COM Add-ins: These are traditional add-ins, often for complex tasks or integration with other systems. They need to be installed separately on your computer and can be accessed from the Excel ribbon or menus.

How can your products boost Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet software application that stores, organizes, and manipulates data in tabular format. It is commonly used to organize data, perform calculations, create charts and graphs, and automate processes.

Our applications are implemented as Excel add-ins (typically COM add-ins). The applications simplify specific tasks by manipulating Excel's object model directly from the programming code.

For example, in our invoicing application, you can click a button to clear all of the sheet's editable fields.

For another example, Excel itself offers features that enable you to draw flowcharts with all the basic shapes. Our app for creating flowcharts makes it easier by allowing you to generate a chart directly from a texture step list.

Why should I choose your products?

If you already have a Microsoft 365 (Excel) subscription, you have access to a powerful platform for a variety of tasks.

Our solutions are Excel-based, so you have access to all of Excel's powerful tools.

For example, there are numerous invoicing applications available, and most of them allow you to customize certain aspects of the invoice form, such as adding a logo image and entering your company information. However, none of them can provide design tools like Excel, which you may already be familiar with. For example, you can easily change the font style, relocate fields, add new images, and even define formulas for establishing the relationship between fields.

For another example, there are numerous tools available to assist you in creating a flowchart diagram, and the majority of them allow you to customize some aspects of the node (i.e., chart symbol) styles, such as node size or color. However, none of them can provide the full range of options that Excel has (and thus optimized) over the years. When you select a shape (node), a special ribbon tab appears, allowing you to apply and customize the shape's look and feel.

Simply put, our Excel-based solutions do not reinvent the tools you already own. If you feel our applications are powerful, that's because they're built on a powerful platform.