Invoice Manager for Microsoft® Excel®

This "Invoice Manager for Excel" document was originally written for Excel Invoice Manager as a landing page of Microsoft Office Marketplace. Since 2013 we've renamed our invoicing program to Invoice Manager for Excel.

Some screenshots on this document are taken from Invoice Manager for Excel.

Invoice Manager for Microsoft® Excel® is an invoicing software program based on Microsoft Excel and back end databases. By seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Excel, it provides a powerful, highly customizable and easy-to-use invoicing solution, with various unique features. To name a few:

  1. Create invoices easily and quickly with true what-you-see-is-what-you-get spreadsheet form.

    See sample spreadsheet for EIM

  2. Print or email invoice with one click of mouse.

    See the print result of the standard invoice template

  3. Unlimited number of companies - unlimited number of database.

    How Invoice Manager for Excel works

  4. Unlimited number of customer, product, invoice and payment records saved to back end database.

    The Customer Edit window of UIS

  5. Powerful search ability. Locate your customers, products, invoices with any fields and operators available. For example, use "Customer Name Start With Bill" to find out all customers with word "Bill" in their names.

    The search bar

  6. Highly-customizable.

    Note: All templates available here on are samples of customizing the standard invoice templates

  7. Support for custom fields. Allows you to add your own data into back end database tables.

    How custom fields work in UIS

  8. Open database structure - import and export data in all formats supported by Microsoft Excel / Microsoft® Access®.

    Importing external data to UIS

  9. Risk-free. Download and try the fully functional trial version before you buy.

    Download NOW!

  10. Flexible pricing options, ranging from USD 39.00 to USD 129.00. Pay only for the features you need.

    Click here to learn the difference between editions!

  11. Free if you want. The Excel spreadsheet template included is completely free and can be used stand alone to create and calculate invoices.




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