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The screen shot for Artist Receipt


Whether you are a freelance artist or running a business, this template helps you create receipts easily.

The template features an artist (painter) image at the left top of the form. Prefer to use your own image, for example, if you are not a freelance painter but a musician? No problem. You can easily delete it and add your own image by switching the template into design mode.

This template is not an itemized layout, as it provides only one field for you to write down the amount of money involved in the sale. This is sometimes referred to as project-based. In the detail section, you should describe the art or service as thoroughly as possible. For example, if it's artwork, you should include the dimensions, media, title, whether or not it is framed, etc. You may also need to write down the commission details of the transaction.

If you are doing art work on an hourly basis, you may want to calculate the total amount from the hours and rate. Visit our templates for hourly work (c5022). If you are not a painter, for example, if you are a freelance makeup artist, you may like to take a look at our Makeup Artist Invoice Template (c2040).

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