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screenshot for Printable Receipt Template for Pet Boarding


This is a template for pet boarding and grooming businesses like catteries, dog daycares, etc. It is able to show a pet photo when the pet name is filled in.

For a generic pet sitting service receipt, visit Pet Sitting (c5135).

Starting with version 7.11, a new Excel formula, "DisplayImage", was provided by our invoicing app.

As explained at c4126, the "DisplayImage" formula requires two arguments: the file name of the image and the target range address where you want to show the image. The image file is loaded from the Windows file system.

This template shows the pet photo next to the "Bill To" section. The formula looks like this:


In this formula, the $A$20 cell calculates the full folder path of the current template. The "CONCATENATE" formula combines this path, the subfolder name "\dogs\", the customer ID, a hyphen, the I21 cell (which is the pet name), and the file extension ".jpg", to construct the full path name of the photo image file.

The downloadable template includes three dog photos. Try to enter one of the names "apple", "orange", or "banana" to see how the photo changes according to the pet name.

Format and Specification

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