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screenshot for Payment Voucher Template for B5 Paper


This tutorial demonstrates how to adjust the form design for the changed paper size.

The base template is the Excel Payment Voucher Template (c5052), which is designed for A4 paper in portrait orientation. The new form created in this tutorial will be suitable for B5 paper.

  1. Copy the template to create a backup.
  2. Open the template in Excel.
  3. Switch to design mode by clicking "Design Mode" on the ribbon tab.
  4. Go to the Excel "Page Layout" ribbon.
  5. In the "Page Setup" group, click "Size" and then choose B5 paper size.
  6. Click the Excel menu "File", and then "Print". Excel shows how many pages are required to print the current form. In this case, Excel shows that it requires two pages to print the original voucher form with the new B5 paper size.
  7. Inspect the preview image. In the vertical direction, without scaling, one page height is enough to print the original form. On the horizontal direction, the width is not enough; it is able to print about 4 columns only, but our payment voucher has 5 columns.
  8. Click the "Show Margins" button on the bottom-right corner.
  9. Excel shows drag handlers for margins and columns. Drag these handlers to resize margins and columns. Since we need space for only 1 column (the "Amount" column), it is possible to add it by reducing the width of the other columns. Once there is enough space for the missing "Amount" column, it appears automatically.
  10. Exit design mode.
  11. Save the template to make the changes persist.

Format and Specification

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Format (XLS or XLSX).xlsx
Line Height (Points)19.50
Print Area$C$3:$L$41
Papaer OrientationPortrait
Default Margins (Points)