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screenshot for Payment Voucher Template (Golden Shop)


This form is designed for golden retail shops that want to show the weight of each item.

Note for our app users: This voucher template (receipt template) does not keep customer records. This is achieved by assigning the same customer number (i.e., "A") to all clients. While the whole sales record is still kept when you click the "Save To DB" button on the worksheet, and this information is available when you try to generate reports from the database, the form does not distinguish between different customers because all customers are assigned the same customer number "A".

The form contains details about the mode of payment, item details, payer details, and receiver details. It also has the details of the date, day, and total amount. It is used to keep a record of all the payments that have to be made.

Being a customized voucher template for Golden Shops, this voucher template includes six columns in the detail section: item number, description, quantity, weight, unit price, and amount (Line total). The first five columns are manually editable, and the last column, Amount (Line total), is calculated with the formula like this:

=quantity * weight * unit price

At the bottom of the form, the fields include Discount, Total, Advance Payment, and Balance. This "Discount" field is an amount field, and the amount entered into it will be deducted from the Total. The "Advance Payment" field is also a manually editable field that indicates the advance payment from the customer, which is deducted from the "Balance" automatically. If you would like to use this template as a cash payment voucher template, move both the Advance and Balance fields out of the printable range and make the "Advance" field equal to "Total" by using an Excel formula.

A general-purpose cash voucher template is also available at Cash Voucher Template (c5053). If you are not running a golden retail shop, you may find a general-purpose version at Excel Payment Voucher Template (c5052).

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