The template works with both the Microsoft Store edition and the desktop edition of the app. Make sure you have installed one of them.

How to use:

  1. Download the EXE package.
  2. Double-click to extract the files into a folder. Make sure you have full access privileges to the folder, such as a subfolder inside “My Documents”.
  3. Open the template.
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screenshot for General Purchase Invoice Template (Consulting, One Tax)


This form is designed as a general one where the amount on each line is manually fillable.

There are templates that calculate the line totals based on the number of hours and hourly rate too, for example:

The form has a Taxable column in the detail section. If you have our app installed and your billable items are saved as products, the taxable boxes are also filled automatically when you pick products from saved items.

The taxable option boxes are created using Microsoft 365 (i.e., Microsoft Office) form controls. Each box control has the "oknWidget_" prefix in its name, so that when you click the "Extract/Email" button to extract an invoice, the taxable box will be included too.

The taxable boxes control whether each item in the detail section is taxable. Check a box to have the amount of the current item included in the tax calculation, and uncheck a box to have the current line excluded from the tax calculation. This design makes it clear and simple if you have both items that are taxable and those that are not taxable.

If your items are always taxable or not taxable, you may find the additional taxable column redundant. If this is the case, you can move all the taxable check boxes out of the printable area. To do this, first switch to design mode by clicking the "Design Mode" button on the ribbon tab, and then select one tax box, or select all taxable boxes by pushing the CTRL key on your keyboard and clicking each box. And then, you can drag the boxes out of the printable area.

The "Project Summary" box is in fact the "oknNotes" field defined by the default template.

Format and Specification

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