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screenshot for VAT Invoicing Sample with Two Separate Rates


This form implements a feature that applies one of the defined VAT rates to each product depending on its tax category.

Follow the steps described below to use this template.

  1. Set VAT tax rates.

    Open the template in Excel. Click the "Settings" button. On the "Taxes" tab, specify the tax rates for the two VAT taxes. Click "Apply".

  2. Create new customer accounts.

    New customers can be added by either clicking the "Save As New Customer" button on the Excel sheet or by using the "New Customer" window that can be opened by clicking the "Customers" button on the worksheet.

    In either case, you can enter the VAT ID (VAT #) of the customer.

    When creating invoices, you pick up a customer by clicking the icon button; the customer's VAT ID is retrieved along with other customer information. If a VAT ID is present, the invoice is VAT-free.

  3. Create product or service items.

    To add new products, click the "Products" button on the worksheet, and then click "Add Product". On the "New Product" window, you can find a "TaxCategory" field on the "Custom Fields" tab; with this field, you can specify the tax category of the current product or service item. Please make sure the tax category you enter here matches the tax name you enter in the "Settings" window.

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