The app installs three templates in this folder:

c:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\BoostExcel\Mind Map Maker\Template\
c:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\UniformSoftware\Mind Map Maker\Template\

To open this folder:

  1. Click "Settings" on the ribbon.
  2. Click "Open Template Folder".

Each template contains two sheets: "Mind Map" and "Legend". When you create a new mind map, this "Mind Map" sheet is copied.

The "Legend" sheet stores the block shapes, connector shapes, and decision label shapes used by the Mind Map Maker app. When generating a new mind map diagram, the shapes stored in the template are copied to the chart.

To apply your own business and brand style easily, you can create your own template. To do this, first copy an existing template and then modify the new template. The template works in a similar way to the one used with Flowchart Maker. See Flowchart Template - Create Your Own Template.