Mind Map Maker creates two Excel ribbon tabs.

The first is "UniformSoftware" (or "BoostExcel"). This tab is always visible. You can move it to Excel's "Insert" ribbon tab if you want by using the option on the "Settings" window.

The second is the "Mind Map" ribbon tab, which is visible only when the active Excel sheet is a mind map sheet.

New Mind MapImport a template to create a new mind map.

If the current (active) sheet is not a mind map sheet, it uses the "Default" template. Otherwise, it uses the same template as the one used by the current mind map sheet.

Insert New NodeAdd a new node above the selected node.
DuplicateCreate a copy of the current node, including all its child nodes.
DeleteDelete the selected node and all its child nodes.
Clear All NodesRemove all nodes from the table.
Make ParentRaise the node one WBS level up.
Make ChildLower the node one WBS level down.
Move UpMove the node one row up within the same WBS level.
Move DownMove the node one row down within the same WBS level.
Refresh ChartDelete the existing shapes, and then generate the chart again.
Clear ChartDelete all the block shapes and connectors from the chart.
ExportExport the sheet, the mind map chart, or the selected range to either image (PNG) or PDF format.
Template (Drop-down List)Choose the template to apply to the current chart.
Connector (Drop-down List)Choose one of the connector types: Straight, Curve, or Elbow.
Direction (Drop-down List)Draw the parent-child relationship horizontally or vertically.
Level (Drop-down List)The maximum number of levels to draw. Choose from "All", "1", "2", "3", "4", and "5". The nodes that are at a deeper level than the selected value will be ignored.
Split Chart (Drop-down List)Whether to split branches in different directions.
Numbering (Drop Down List)Choose from "Show" and "Hide". If "Show" is selected, the WBS numbers will show on the chart, along with the description text.
Disable Live Drawing (Toggle button)Living drawing causes an immediate refresh after the commands "Duplicate", "Delete", "Make Parent", "Make Child", "Move Up", and "Move Down".
SettingsSet global options. For example, the distance between levels and the default shape type.