You create a mind map sheet by clicking the "New Mind Map" button on the "UniformSoftware" (or "BoostExcel") ribbon tab.

The mind map sheet contains two parts: the node table on the left and the charting area on the right.

The node table contains three columns: WBS, Description, and Node Type.

Column NameDescription
WBSThe WBS column defines the levels and hierarchical relationships of the nodes.

The WBS numbers are generated automatically. You shouldn't edit them manually. You adjust them by using the commands on the "Mind Map" ribbon tab, such as "Make Parent", "Make Child", "Move Up" and "Move Down".

Each time you refresh the chart, all the WBS numbers are recalculated.

If you select the "Numbering" option on the ribbon, the WBS numbers appear on the diagram too.

DescriptionThis is the text that appear in the node box.
Node TypeIf you click a cell in the "Node Type" column, you'll see a pop-up box appears. Click a shape type to select the type of box to use for the node.

You can disable the pop-up box by pushing down the "Disable Node Picker" button on the ribbon.

Like Flowchart Maker, Mind Map Maker supports all 28 flowchart shapes supported by Excel.

The charting area shows gridlines by default. To turn it off, go to Excel's "View" ribbon tab and uncheck "Gridlines" in the "Show" group.

There are several options on the ribbon that allow you to control how the app draws the chart. For example, which template to use, whether to draw the parent-child relationship horizontally or vertically, whether to split the chart, etc. See Ribbon Commands for the details.