1. Visit the subscription portal at
  2. Download and open the installer file.
  3. Click Install.
  4. The app launches for the first time.
  5. Visit the ‘License/Support’ tab.
  6. Make sure the status is ‘Licensed to "Your Account"’.
  7. Start Excel.
  8. Go to the ‘UniformSoftware’ (or ‘BoostExcel’) ribbon tab.
  9. Click 'New Mind Map'.
  10. The 'WBS' column is read only.
  11. Choose 'Blue' from the 'Template' drop-down box.
  12. Choose 'No' from the 'Split Chart' drop-down box.
  13. Choose 'Curve' from the 'Connector' drop-down box.
  14. Click ‘Refresh Chart’.
  15. Click node 1.2.1 in the table.
  16. Click 'Insert New Node' three times.
  17. Change the Description to ‘aa’, ‘bb’, and ‘cc’, respectively.
  18. Click the cell in the 'Node Type' Column.
  19. Pick Note type for ‘aa’, ‘bb’, and ‘cc’.
  20. Click the node ‘bb’.
  21. Click ‘Make Child’.
  22. Click the node ‘cc’.
  23. Click ‘Make Child’.
  24. Click the node ‘aa’.
  25. Click 'Move Down' three times.
  26. Click 'Make Parent'.
  27. Click 'Move Up' two times.
  28. This is the final location of the new nodes.
  29. Click 'Export' on the ribbon.
  30. Take a look at the options.
  31. Click 'Export' on the toolbar.
  32. This is the output PDF file.