Gantt Chart Maker for Excel uses multiple customizable templates. The templates are installed in this folder:

<Your Documents folder>\BoostExcel\Gantt Chart Maker\Template
            <Your Documents folder>\UniformSoftware\Gantt Chart Maker\Template

You can find all the installed templates by pulling down the "Templates" menu in the "Chart" group of the "Gantt Chart" ribbon. When you create a new Gantt chart project, a sheet is copied from the template.

To apply a new template to an existing Gantt chart project, first open the chart project, and then choose the template name from the "Templates" menu in the "Chart" group of the "Gantt Chart" ribbon tab. When you apply a new template to an existing chart project, the following elements will be applied: the heading color, the row height and column width of the chart section, and all the shape styles.

The following example shows the "Lines" template.

The lines template

This is a chart created using the "Wood" template and exported in PDF format.

A Gantt chart generated by the Wood template, exported in PDF format

You can create your own template too; visit Create New Gantt Template for the details.