The first is "UniformSoftware" (or "BoostExcel"). This tab is always visible. You can move it to Excel’s "Insert" ribbon tab if you want by using the option on the "Settings" window.

The second is the "Gantt Chart" ribbon tab, which is visible only when the active Excel sheet is a Gantt chart sheet.

The Gantt Chart ribbon

Insert New TaskAdd a new task above the selected task.
EditShow the selected task in the "Editing Task" window, where you can also define the dependency relations for tasks.
DuplicateCreate a copy of the current task, including all its child tasks.
DeleteDelete the selected task and all its child tasks.
Make ParentRaise the task one WBS level up.
Make ChildLower the task one WBS level down.
Move UpMove the task one row up within the same WBS level.
Move DownMove the task one row down within the same WBS level.
Clear Task ListDelete all tasks.
Task List ColumnsAdd, delete, move, or hide task list columns.
Calendar ViewsChange the calendar view, including "Daily", "Weekly", "Monthly", etc.
Chart ElementsChoose what to draw on the Gantt chart.
TemplatePull down the menu to see a list of templates available. Apply a template to the current Gantt chart by clicking the template name. See Templates for more information.
Project OptionsSet the date format, week rule, first day of week, etc., for the current project.
Export to PDFExport the task list, the chart, or both to PDF format.

It does the following:

  • Regenerates all the WBS codes.
  • Fill in all custom column formulas, if any.
  • Redraw timeline.
  • Redraw all the task category colors.
  • If the chart is in the daily view, mark all the rest days and holidays.
  • Recalculate all the task dates and durations.
  • Redraw all the shapes according to the settings on the "Chart Elements" ribbon menu.
  • Redraw the grid.
Date RangeSet the date range of the timeline.
Scroll to startScroll to the start of the timeline.
Scroll to todayShow "Today" in the center of the window if it is within the timeline range.
Scroll to endScroll to the end of the timeline.
Freeze Task ListFreeze or unfreeze task lists and headings.
Disable Live UpdateDisable or enable the updating of the chart when the tasks are being updated.
Disable Picker Button

Disable or enable the picker button for the Category, Resource, and date columns.

When it is disabled, you can still double-click to display the pickers.