Click the "Add New Gantt Chart" button to add a new Gantt sheet to the current Excel workbook file. Once the Gantt sheet is ready or active, the "Gantt Chart" ribbon tab appears.

The main Excel window

To add a new task to the end of the task list, simply type in the new task name, start date, end date, etc.

To insert a new task above an existing task, first click to select the existing task, and then click the "Insert Task" button on the "Gantt Chart" ribbon tab.

To delete a task from the list, first click to select it, and then click the "Delete" button on the ribbon tab.

Double-click a task name to open the "Editing Task" window. See Tasks and Dependencies for the details.

When a Gantt chart sheet is active, Excel's built-in commands for deleting rows and columns are disabled.

Note: The first Excel row and the first two Excel columns are hidden. They store important configurations about charts. So don't delete them.

Note: The second Excel row shows "Project Name", which you can change to anything to identify the chart project. You can also modify the worksheet name as needed.