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This form is designed for tutoring services.

Below the logo image is the section for you to detail your personal or business information, including business name, address, contact information, email, web site address, etc. If you are a licensed tutor, it is a good idea to show this fact here. If you collect taxes, the tax number for your business should be added here too. Consult a taxation professor in your local area for the requirements.

To the right of the "Bill To" section is the "Summary" section, where you can provide a brief description of your tutoring service.

The detail section contains five columns: "Date", "Description", "Hour", "Rate", and "Line Total". The "Line Total" is calculated automatically using Excel formulas. For example, the first "Line total" cell has the formula like this:

=ROUND (oknQuantity_1*oknPrice_1, 2)

It means that the line total is calculated by multiplying the quantity (hours worked) and the unit price (i.e., the value in the "Rate" column).

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The bottom section contains the summary information, including fields such as subtotal, taxes, discount, total, paid, and balance due. You may also like to detail your payment information, such as bank name and account number, online payment options, etc.

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