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This sample demonstrates how to use fixed or static product items on the body part of the form. It is a sales template, thus including shipping address fields.

For a practical example of using fixed items, visit Concrete Pumping Work Order and Invoice (c5149).

In some businesses, the number of products or service items offered is limited, i.e., the client always orders the same group of products or services. It would be nice to have the form always leave the item number, item description, or even item unit price there and not change them. We call these static or fixed items because they don't change.

Using static and fixed items prevents you from typing or choosing the same product items again and again, saving your time and avoiding typo mistakes.

Note that these static or fixed items are not static text labels, such as your company information in the heading section. The static or fixed items are linked to database fields and get saved to the database when you click "Save To DB".

The fixed items even won't get cleared when you execute the "Clear & New" command. It sounds interesting because the "Clear & New" command is designed to clear all the content to make it a blank form for the next new invoice. So how do we tell the "Clear & New" command not to touch the items that are fixed?

The secret is that all these cell values are associated with formulas. For example, the first "Description" cell has the following formula:

="This item is fixed"

For a version for services, please see Service Invoice Template: Fixed Items (c5041)".

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