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This form is designed for law firms, law offices, and attorneys.

The template at Attorney Invoice Template (South African Currency) (c5067) provides a general form for attorney invoices that includes special fields like "case#", "Case Reference", and also a "Date" column that shows the date that the law service was performed.

This form has a new section "Rep. Of" (i.e., "representative of"). This allows you to specify different parties: who is responsible for paying the bill, who is a party to the lawsuit, or who receives the services.

The template includes several custom fields on the heading part, including "Your Reference#", "Desk", "Our File Ref#", "Your File Ref#", and "Currency".

The "Currency" field is special on this template. It is defined as a custom field, but its value is fixed to the value "US $" by assigning it the formula like this:

="US $"

The "Currency" field is designed this way because it has a variant at INR currency (c5105) with exactly the same form layout but in a different currency (INR, Indian Rupee).

At the bottom of the form, you'll see a field titled "BANK CHARGES", which is in fact the "oknShippingCost" field. If you are serious about field names, you can surely change it to "oknBankCharge" or something similar by adding a new custom field.

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