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screenshot for Grout Pump Service Work Order and Invoice


This form details the service details for concrete pumping, grout pumping, and repair pump service.

The template utilizes a number of custom fields to fulfill the business requirements.

Next to the "To" (i.e., "Bill To") section, there are fields for two lines of "Job Location Address". The address consists of two lines, both of which are custom fields. Next to that, there are fields for "Map Page" and "Contact Name and Phone".

Next to that, a group of four checkboxes allows you to further describe the critical project attribute. They are "Homeowner", "Company", "Residential" and "Commercial". Each box links to an Excel cell. For example, the "Company" checkbox is linked to the cell named "oknChkWhoCompany". "oknChkWhoCompany" is a cell located outside of the printable range. All these checkboxes, like the "Taxable" boxes, are kept on PDF files generated by our invoicing app.

Next to that is a section specific to concrete pumping and grout pumping. The fields include "WORKER", "LEAVE TIME", "START TIME", "ARRIVAL ON", "END SET UP", "START PUMP TIME", "END PUMP TIME", "END CLEAN UP", "ARRIVAL YARD", "CLOCK OUT TIME", "TERMS", "TYPE OF EQUIPMENT", "CONCRETE COMPANY", "CUBIC YARDS", etc. All these are custom fields defined in the "InvHdr" database table.

The detail section consists of eight lines. The values of the first "ITEM" column are fixed. (See another sample at Fixed Items (c5040)). Here the fixed content is "Hours", "C.Y./Unit Price", "Overtime Hours per Unit Price", "Extra Laborer", "Bag Cement", "Wash Out Pool", "Flat Rate", and "Other".

The tax options are set for Hawaii. The business has two taxes that should be applied to different jobs (commercial vs. private): one is 4%, and the other is 4.712%. However, there are situations where taxes shouldn't be applied. Visit Avalara for more information. Be sure to consult your local tax agency for authoritative tax rates applied to your business type.

To implement these tax rules, a drop-down list is added near the summary section, which allows you to choose the tax type of the current invoice: "no tax", "private", and "commercial". When you choose a tax type, the actual tax name shown on the form will be something like "HI STATE TAX RATE @ 4.00%" or "HI STATE TAX RATE @ 4.71%".

Since this template uses deeply customized taxing formulas, the options on the "Taxes" tab of the "Settings" window will not work.

Visit FET Tax Invoice for Truck Tire Business (c7040) for another sample of customized taxing rules.

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