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screenshot for Building Service Invoice Template


In the top of the detail section, the column heading section where it is usually titled 'Description' is now replaced with a label 'Re:' and a text field for showing the site address. This (merged) cell is named oknSiteAddress and is filled with a formula automatically:


The above formula means that if the S43 cell has a value, then the value should be filled into oknSiteAddress; otherwise, oknSiteAddress shows an empty string.

Now if you take a look at cell S43, it has a formula too:

=VLOOKUP(oknJobNumber,'Job & Site Ref'!B5:C100,2,FALSE)

The above formula tells Excel to search for the value of the cell named "oknJobNumber" in the B5:C100 section on the 'Job & Site' worksheet, and if found, use the value in the second column to populate the current cell.

The above two formulas work together to implement a feature that allows you to enter a reference number in the "oknJobNumber" cell (to the right side of the 'Invoice To' section), and the site address will automatically be filled in according to the list in the B5:C100 area on the Job & Site Ref worksheet.

For example, if the B5:C100 area has a line of 'j01', '12345 Appold Street', and you enter the job number 'j01' into the "oknJobNumber" cell, then the site address '12345 Appold Street' will be filled by the formulas.

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