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screenshot for Handyman Invoice Template


This form is designed for service businesses where the usual "Ship To" section is changed to "Service Location".

Several other labels related to shipping, such as "Ship Date" and "Ship Via", are still there. You can replace these labels with whatever you like to meet the requirements of your business.

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The form has 7 columns: Item #, Description, Quantity, Price, GST, PST, and Line total. The item# field is here for you to enter the short code for the goods you sold or services you performed.

This customized handyman invoice template redefines the tax formulas, providing the ability to apply one tax (PST) on goods (materials) and two taxes (GST and PST) on both service (labor) and goods (materials).

For example, the GST is calculated using a formula like this:


The PST is calculated using a formula like this:

=IF(oknTaxable_1,IF(oknIsService_1=1,0,ROUND(oknPrice_1 * oknQuantity_1* oknTax2Rate,2)),0)

In order to implement the taxing rules, three custom fields were added to the "InvBdy" database table: "GST", "PST", and "IsService". The "IsService" field corresponds to the "IsService" field defined in the Product database table; however, with the default template, it is not added to the InvBdy database table because the on-form calculation of taxes and totals does not depend on this field. But with this form, calculating the taxes requires knowing the type of the item.

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