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The screen shot for Five Price Percentage Levels (Sales)


This is a variant of Five Price Levels (Sales, Amount) (c4012). It differs from the original version in that it uses percentage values in the price fields.

The five price fields in the original database definition are decimal (15, 6), which is enough for storing a percentage value. In this implementation, the first price custom field (Discount Price A) is used as the base price, and the other 4 prices (from Discount Price B to Discount Price E) are used to store discount percentage values.

For example, product "ABC-01" has five custom fields defined for prices, named from "Discount Price A" to "Discount Price E", and the values are 19.00, 0.11, 0.21, 0.31, and 0.41. If the discount level of a customer is 1 and he purchases the product "AB-01", the base price of 19.00 will be applied. If the customer's discount level is 3, the discount will be 0.21 (i.e., 21%), and the applied price will be calculated as follows:

19 * (1-0.21) = 15.01

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