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screenshot for Engineering Estimate Template


This form is designed for service providers who are providing and fixing curtains and curtain accessories, including curtains and blinds, awnings, canopies, garden umbrellas, etc.

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The "Ship To" section now has a new title, " "SITE ADDRESS", so in this section it is possible to fill in the location where the service is to be performed.

The form includes 10 columns and has complex relationships built between the cells and columns using Excel formulas.

For example, the unit price of your product or service might be determined by many factors that should also be listed on the invoice form, such as customer category (VIP, wholesale, or general customer), measurement unit, etc.

Relationships between cells and columns

Here is a brief description of the Excel formulas:

  • There are 3 unit types used by the products offered by the service company, i.e., "per Sq.ft.", "per Rn.ft." and "per PC". If the unit type is "per PC", the "Line Total" of a service item should be calculated from "Quantity" and "Rate". Otherwise, the "Line Total" should be " "Quantity * Price * Area or Length".

    Here is a formula example of how the "Line Total" is calculated:

    =ROUND(IF(NOT(ISERR(SEARCH("per pc",oknUnit_1,1))),

  • If the unit is "per Sq.ft." the "Area or Length" should be "Area Temp", with a minimum value of "10.76"; or if the unit is "per Rn.ft.", the "Area or Length" should be "Area Temp" with a minimum value of "3".

    Here is a formula example of how the "Area or Length" is calculated:

    =ROUND(IF(OR(oknUnit_1="",NOT(ISERR(SEARCH("per pc",oknUnit_1,

  • "Area Temp" is a temporary value stored in a hidden column outside the Print_Area. The value is calculated from the other two columns, "W" and "D", which could be measured in different ways, including "CMS", "Inch" and "Ft". The choice of measurement unit is implemented as a drop-down list labeled "Choose W/D type here", and the column titles are changed depending on the current measurement unit, such as "W[CMS]", "D[CMS]", "W[Inch]" and "D[Inch]", etc.

    Below is a formula example of how the "Area Temp" value is calculated:


  • At the bottom of the form, in addition to those standard fields, there should be a field for discount, a field for labor charges, a field for advance payment, and a field for balance due. All these fields should either be manually editable or calculated automatically.

Custom fields

To implement the required features, there are a number of custom fields added to both the underlying database and the front-end Excel template, as detailed in the following table.

Table nameField nameField type
CustomerArchtext (60)
InvHdrRefNotext (30)
InvHdrArchtext (60)
InvHdrWtext (30)
InvHdrDtext (30)
InvHdrWDTypetext (30)
InvHdrLabourdecimal (12,2)
InvHdrAdvancedecimal (12,2)
InvHdrTotal1decimal (12,2)
InvHdrDiscountdecimal (12,2)
InvBdyShadetext (60)
InvBdyItemWdecimal (12,2)
InvBdyItemDdecimal (12,2)
InvBdyItemWDTypetext (30)
InvBdyAreaLengthdecimal (12,2)
InvBdyUnittext (60)
ProductUnittext (60)

Format and Specification

Belongs to



Format (XLS or XLSX).xlsx
Line Height (Points)22.50
Print Area$D$2:$O$45
Papaer OrientationPortrait
Default Margins (Points)