If you purchased one license (i.e., one user seat) and you sign in to Windows with the same purchaser account, then you don’t have to assign the license to the end-user manually.

If you purchased multiple licenses and the "First Come, First Served" option is enabled, then whenever a new end-user within your organization (i.e., within the same Azure Active Directory) runs the app, a new license is assigned automatically.

If you want to assign licenses to end-users manually, here are the steps:

  1. Visit the subscription portal at https://uniformsoftware.com/portal.

    App Home

  2. Click "Subscriptions" on the menu bar. You’ll need to sign in with the account that made the purchase.

    This page enables you to change "First Come, First Served" or change subscription plan and quantity via the "Microsoft 365 Admin Center" link.

    The subscriptions list

  3. To assign a license to users manually, click the "Update" link in the "License Assignment" column.

    The license assignment page

  4. To assign a license to a new end-user, fill in the email address in the text box and click "Add".
  5. Click "Save All".