This is a quick-start tutorial for PDF Creator for Excel, which generates accurate PDFs for your Excel chart and sheet. The accuracy is maintained by defining the custom paper size according to the size of the content and thus avoiding scaling. I'll demonstrate the basic operations, step by step, to give you an intuitive feeling about how the app works.

  1. Visit the subscription portal at
  2. Download and open the installer file to begin the installation.
  3. Click Install and wait for the app to be launched.
  4. Visit the ‘License/Support’ tab.
  5. Make sure the status is 'Licensed to <Your Account>.
  6. Open any Excel file.
  7. Select the sheet or range you want to make a PDF file for.
  8. Go to the ‘UniformSoftware’ (or ‘BoostExcel’) ribbon tab and choose ‘Create PDF’.
  9. Set the options for your PDF file.
  10. Click ‘Create PDF’.
  11. The result file is opened with your default PDF program.