The date picker by default displays the pop-up calendar showing the current system date if the target cell does not contain a valid date value or is blank. This could be very inconvenient if you need to enter many date values that are far from the current system date.

By setting the default date value, the date picker shows the specified date on the calendar for the target cell. To open the Default Date dialog box:

  1. Click the Settings button on the ribbon in Excel.
  2. Go to the "Date Picker" tab.
  3. Click the Default Date button.

Set a default date for the date picker

If the text box is empty and you click OK, the date picker will show the current system date when the pop-up calendar shows an empty cell or a cell that not contain a valid date.

If you enter a valid date value in the text box and click OK, this date value will be shown on the pop-up calendar next time it opens for an empty cell or a cell that does not contain a valid date.

If "Restore this setting next time Excel starts" is checked, the default date value set in the text box will be restored automatically next time you run Excel. If this box is unchecked, next time you start Excel, the date picker will use the system date again.