Note: This document applies to the desktop edition only. If you’re using the Microsoft Store edition, you should subscribe to the store edition instead of using a license key.

The trial version of Pop-up Excel Calendar is fully functional but will expire after a certain number of days. If you like it and want to keep it, please buy a registration code (license key) to unlock it.

To purchase your license, simply go to and choose an online store.

After getting your registration code (license key), enter it to unlock the software.

  • Start Microsoft Excel.
  • Click the About / Registration button to open the About window.

    Pop-up Excel Calendar - Enter your registration code/license key.

  • Enter your registration name and code exactly. To avoid mistyping, please copy and paste your registration name and code into the proper text box.
  • Click the Activate This License Key! button.
  • Restart Excel. If your registration name and code are entered correctly, the About window displays your name.

    Pop-up Excel Calendar - Registered version.

Please feel free to contact us by clicking the Support/Email button on the About window for any problems, questions, or concerns you may have.