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If you are running your own welding and fabrication business, this series of free welding invoice templates is designed for you as a welder or manager. We have various formats and layouts here to help you easily create professional-looking welding invoices and receipts.

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This template has a number of custom fields added.

One custom field added to the Customer database table is "WhoTaxID", which replaces the default "CustomerID" that usually appears on the "Bill To" section.

The "Product" and "Invoice Body" database tables have three custom fields defined.

  • "ItemType": The type of this field is "text(50)". It is designed for you to detail the type of the item, such as 304 stainless steel, 6061 aluminum, A36 steel, etc.
  • "UM": It means Unit of Measure. The possible values could be "Ea.", "Hrs.", "Inch.", "lbs.", etc.
  • "WeightPerFtPerSqFt"": It is a decimal value. It is retrieved and filled into the corresponding Excel cell when an item is picked.

The "InvHdr" database table has eight custom fields. They are: Discount, Insurance, Job Name, Order By, Other, Other Name, Shipping Tax ID, and Who Tax ID. All these fields are mapped to cells on the Excel sheet by naming the cell "okn" plus the database field name. For example, the cell that is mapped to the "Order By" database field is named "oknOrderBy".

There is also a comment at the bottom of the form, which reads as follows:

Price in effect applies at the time of order and subject to availability. ***% per month service charge applied to accounts past *** days. Annual rate of ***%. All claims and returned goods require original receipt. Price in effect applies at the time of shipment. Quotes Valid for *** days. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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