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Although it is not common, there are business situations that require the customer's name to be included on each invoiced item. This travel invoice template demonstrates how to copy a field value from the invoice header section to the detail section.

This template is suitable for travel businesses. It has the summary section moved to the top of the form and also has several custom fields for vehicle rental and travel, including "Vehicle Number", "Vehicle Type", "Discount", and two custom columns in the detail section, including "Date From" and "Date To".

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In this sample, we copy the customer name from the "Bill To" section so that it is stored along with each invoiced item in the "InvBdy" database table.

To do this, a custom field "CustomerName" is added to the "InvBdy" database table.

Here are the brief steps to update the sheet to copy the customer name values:

  1. Find an empty column on the sheet. In this case, we chose X20:X41.
  2. Name the cells oknCustomerName_1, ... oknCustomerName_20.
  3. Assign Excel formulas to these cells. If the description is filled, copy the customer's name into the cells from the "Bill To" section. The formula looks like this:


That's it! Combining custom fields and Excel formulas, we implemented a very special feature that could hardly be done without using Microsoft Excel.

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