The template works with both the Microsoft Store edition and the desktop edition of the app. Make sure you have installed one of them.

How to use:

  1. Download the EXE package.
  2. Double-click to extract the files into a folder. Make sure you have full access privileges to the folder, such as a subfolder inside “My Documents”.
  3. Open the template.
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This template demonstrates how Invoice Manager for Excel works with the online Microsoft SQL Server database.

Note: In order to connect to our online SQL Server using this template, you need the "Enterprise" edition of Invoice Manager or the Microsoft Store edition. If you create only a few invoices each month, you don't need this template, which demonstrates the use of an online database. Instead, you can consider a simple and free online invoice creator. You can even create your own online invoice generator with the free templates we provide. See this tutorial for the details.

This database server was created for testing purposes only. So don't store your real business data in this database.

This SQL Server is located in Arizona, so it may not be as speedy as you want depending on where you are.

For information on how to migrate your Access database to SQL Server, visit the tutorial document.

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