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screenshot for Firearm Shop Invoice Template


This template is designed for firearms shops. It includes a number of custom fields to fulfill the business requirements. For example, the serial number column allows you to record the unique number of each item.

There are also other fields designed for gun stores. For example, the "Order Date" field under the "Bill To" and "Ship To" sections is new.

On the bottom of the form, there are fields for 4473# (learn more about ATF Form 4473, Firearms Transaction Record Revisions), NICS#, and CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon Application and Policy).

The summary section at the bottom of the form is also expanded. By default, this template applies one "Sales Tax" at the rate of 8.3. See State Tax Data.

There is also a "Credit Card Fee" field. If you apply an extra fee to credit card payments, fill a non-zero value into the "Credit Card Fee Rate" field.

The formula of the "Total" cell is updated to include the credit card fee.

=ROUND(oknSubTotal + oknShippingCost + IF(oknTaxType=0,0,IF(oknTaxType=1,oknTax1,oknTax1+oknTax2)),2)+oknCreditCardFee

If you want to charge a credit card fee, just enter a non-zero value into the credit card fee rate cell. See the Invoice Template with Credit Card Payment Option (c4068) for a template that shows credit card details.

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