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The screen shot for Recipient Created Tax Invoices Form


In Australia, tax invoices are usually issued by the supplier or seller. However, the Australian Taxation Office also allows the purchaser or recipient of the goods or services to issue a tax invoice for the purchases, known as recipient-created tax invoices (RCTI).

The detail section of the form provides four columns: description, value, GST, and Price, exactly like the PDF sample provided by the Australian Taxation Office, where "Value" is the total amount excluding GST and "Price" equals "Value" plus "GST".

Since this template does not calculate "Value" from "Quantity" and "Unit Price", like the Australian GST Invoice Template and ABN Tax Template, we've placed "Quantity" and "Unit Price" outside the printable form (which you can use to do the calculation but will not be printed).

The amount of GST will also be calculated automatically using the Excel formulas based on the "Value" and tax rate, which can be set on the "Taxes" tab of the "Settings" window. To open the "Settings" window, click the "Settings" button on the worksheet.

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