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screenshot for Product Names and Shipping Address on Aging Report


The "Aging" report is also called the Account Receivable Aging Report. This sample shows how to add item names from the detail section to the aging report.

The aging report is based on the "InvHdr" database table. This is where the "Shipping Address" field is saved. To display the shipping address on the aging report, here are the brief steps to follow:

  1. Activate the "Aging" report worksheet if it isn't the current one.
  2. Go to the Excel "View" ribbon tab and check the "Gridlines" and "Headings" boxes in the "Show" group.
  3. Click to select the first heading cell on the aging report.
  4. Click "Format Painter" on the "Home" ribbon tab.
  5. Click the first empty cell on the heading line. In this case, it is "$O$24". This copies the format of the first heading cell to the empty cell.
  6. Name this cell "oknAgShipAddress". This tells Invoice Manager that the column should be filled with shipping address information.

Filling product names into the aging report is a bit complex. This is because the product names, i.e., the "Description" column, are saved to the "InvBdy" database table. So, it is necessary to combine all the product names into one and then save the combined text to the "InvHdr" database table.

The following formula looks a bit long, but it works for all the major Excel versions:

=TRIM(CONCATENATE(oknProductName_1," ",oknProductName_2," ",oknProductName_3," ",oknProductName_4," ",oknProductName_5," ",oknProductName_6," ",oknProductName_7," ",oknProductName_8," ",oknProductName_9," ",oknProductName_10," ",oknProductName_11," ",oknProductName_12))

This formula combines all the product description cells and separates them with a space. The "TRIM" function is used to remove all the redundant spaces from the result.

In this sample, the result of the formula is assigned to the "oknStatementNotes" cell. We then define a custom field "StatementNotes" in the "InvHdr" database table.

Now it is easy to add the "StatementNotes" field from the "InvHdrr" database table. Just follow the steps described earlier for the "Shipping Address" field.

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