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screenshot for Basic Service Bill Sample with Deposit


A large number of businesses ask their clients to deposit a percentage of the total amount as an advance payment. This template helps you create deposit invoices quickly and easily.

The following section describes how this template was created. You can ignore this if your purpose is just to use it.

This template is based on Simple Template: Moving Shipping Address (c5077). Let's see the steps involved to move back the "Total Due" cell and how to add the "Deposit" and "Deposit Payment Method" fields.

  1. First, backup the template and database files.
  2. Open the template.
  3. Click the "Design Mode" button on the ribbon tab.
  4. Click the cell where you want to put the "Deposit" field (In this case, $K$40). Name the cell "oknDeposit".
  5. Click and select the cell to the left of "oknDeposit", i.e., $J$40, and enter the text label "Deposit".
  6. Click the cell at $I$40 and name this cell "oknDepositPaymentMethod".
  7. Enter the label "Deposit Payment Method" for the field "oknDepositPaymentMethod" at $H$40.
  8. Select the name "oknPayments" from the name drop-down list at the left end of the formula bar. Excel selects the cell named "oknPayments" on the spreadsheet for you ($B$39).
  9. With the "oknPayments" ($B$39) cell still selected, drag the border of the selection box to move it into the printable area. In this example, we put the "oknPayments" cell under the "Total" cell at $K$90.
  10. Enter the text "Paid" into the $J$39 cell.
  11. Drag your mouse to select both the text label "Total Due" and its corresponding field at $P$40:$Q$40.
  12. Drag the border of the selected area to move it to the destination location at $J41:$K41.
  13. Modify the formula of the "Total" cell. It should look like this:

    =ROUND(oknSubTotal + oknShippingCost - oknDeposit+ IF(oknTaxType=0,0,IF(oknTaxType=1,oknTax1,oknTax1+oknTax2)),2)

    This formula deducts the deposit amount from the total payable amount.

  14. Click "Design Mode" again on the ribbon tab.
  15. Click the "Invoices" button on the ribbon tab.
  16. Click "Custom Fields" on the toolbar.
  17. Click "Add Field".
  18. Define the deposit field as follows:
    • Name: Deposit
    • Type: Decimal
    • Precision: 8
    • Scale: 2
  19. Click "Add Field" again.
  20. Define the payment method field as follows:
    • Name: DepositPaymentMethod
    • Type: Text
    • Size: 50
  21. Close the dialog boxes and return to Excel.
  22. Save the template.

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