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screenshot for Pro forma Invoice for Collection Business in Thailand


This template shows the Thai baht symbol ("฿" currency symbol) in the subtotal, VAT tax, total, payments, and balance due cells. It includes several custom fields specific to the collection services.

If you need to change the currency symbol, follow the steps here.

There are a number of custom fields added to this template. These fields are not found in the standard invoice template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel.

For example, under "Invoice#" there is a "PNR#". Next to the "Bill To" section, there are fields "Passenger", "Pax" and "CPax". "Pax Total" and "Travel Date" are added to the horizontal bar in the detail section. The "Consultant Name" field is special; it reuses the "Sales Rep. Name" found in the standard template.

On the invoice detail section, the original "Quantity" column now has the title "Pax", but its underlying field name is still "Quantity".

Below the total section, there is a bank section that allows you to specify your bank name, branch name, account number, and Swift code.

Under the generic "Thank you for your business!" statement, there is a footnote that shows "If you have a billing issue, please call us at xxx". Be sure to change the "xxx" symbols to your actual phone numbers.

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