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screenshot for Commercial Invoice: FedEx Style (Landscape)


This template is based on Commercial Invoice: FedEx Style (c9002). It is printable on standard A4 paper, but the paper orientation is changed to landscape.

With the original version, many of you may find that the space left for the product description field is too small to fill your description text. To deal with this issue, we changed the paper orientation from "Portrait" to "Landscape". This design allows you to enter longer description text. However, the form has only 7 lines in the detail section now.

In order to create this template, we've also moved the address fields on the "Shipper/Exporter", "Recipient", and "Importer (If other than recipient)" sections.

The purpose of this movement is to make the sections occupy fewer lines in the vertical orientation. In the original design, each section occupied eight lines for these fields: Tax ID (VAT number), Contact Name, Company Name, Address, City State (Province), Postal Code, Country or Territory, and Phone. Now each section uses only four lines.

With this design, the lines for "Federal Express International Air Waybill Number" still use one whole line; "Date of Export" and "Export References" use another whole line. These fields are put at the top of the form because they are the most important cells.

"Country of Export", "Country of Manufacture", and "Country of Ultimate Destination" also have their locations moved in order to use fewer lines in the vertical orientation. Like the original design, this template has eight columns too: "Harm. Code", "No. of Packages" "Type of Packaging", "Full Description of Goods", "Quantity", "Units of Measure", "Weight", "Unit Value" and "Total Value". The "SHIPPER" and "DATE" fields at the bottom of the form are designed to be signed manually.

In foreign trade and international transactions, commercial invoice documents are important to both export and import trade. It is used when dutiable goods are shipped internationally and as a customs declaration provided by the person or corporation that is exporting an item across international borders. It is used by the customs officials to classify your merchandise. This, in turn, will help them correctly assess the applicable duties and taxes. The Commercial Invoice is prepared by the exporter and is required by the foreign buyer to prove ownership and arrange for payment.

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